Life reflections

The Daily Prompt : Dream

When I read the prompt Dream, my thoughts went back to what my grandfather, my father’s father, had written about his early life. He was born in 1893. He and his parents and other family members lived in a small village in South India. He went to his village school till 4th standard. There were no High schools near his village and living in the city was too expensive. His father and uncles were agriculturists. So he had to discontinue his studies. He was very disappointed as it had been his dream to get higher education. He had to give up his dream. In the following years due to bad management his father and brothers lost their home and property. His father shifted to the nearby city and got a job there. This was in 1909. My grandfather joined school again, he was 16 and joined 6th std or First form. In every person’s life there comes a turning point when life changes for the better or for worse. My grandfather continued his studies and completed BA Honours in 1920. He was a teacher all his life and gave good education to his children, and his legacy continues, his dream lives on.


This photo is of my grandfather, his parents and family. Sitting on the right is my grandfather and behind him standing my grandmother. This photo was taken in 1924.

Life Song of the Road

The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Jubilant

Jubilant, adjective: showing great joy, satisfaction, or triumph; rejoicing; exultant.

In our part of the world, we have just two main seasons – Summer and rainy season. The rains usually stop by October every year. Then they start only in June. By that time the weather is very hot and everyone waits for the rains. The first rains bring great relief and joy. I always feel the trees and plants rejoice when they get water from above, it is as if the leaves are dancing with joy. Even if we water the plants,  water from above is something altogether different. There is a feeling of jubilance everywhere.

Rain clouds (3)

Rain clouds (1)