Life reflections

The Daily prompt : Phase

What would life be like,

Without its different phases?

One long monotonous routine

Without any changes.

We move on from,

Childhood to youth,

From youth to middle age,

From middle age to old age

Till we reach the end.

Each phase is so different,

We learn as we move on.

We change and life changes,

Every phase is different.

This very difference

Makes life what it is.

We can look back,

But cannot go back

And it would not be fun

To go back or keep yearning

For the phase which

We have left behind.

Each phase is different

And this very difference

And our way of looking at it,

Makes life what it is.


My grandparents,son, mother and my daughter in my grandmother’s lap.


My daughter’s son in my mother’s lap 🙂