The Daily Prompt : Countless

Those countless stars which make the night sky so beautiful are sometimes taken for granted by us. They are there and will always be there. Long back I had read Nightfall by Isaac Asimov. He is one of my favourite writers.

This story is set in a planet somewhere out there. There are six suns around this planet so there is no darkness or night time for the people there. But once in two thousand years due to the position of the suns there is darkness, there is nightfall. The people who live in the present learn about this event and are prepared for this strange phenomenon. But nothing prepares them for the countless stars they see when darkness comes. Most people go mad and the story continues.

After reading the story, for many nights I used to go out at night look at the stars and feel reassured. :)) Recently I read this book again and as in the past this time too it was such a pleasure to look at the stars. It would be terrible if we could never see those countless stars.





3 Replies to “The Daily Prompt : Countless”

  1. I just wish I knew the names of the constellations a little bit better! In England town councils are trying to fit streetlights which only shine downwards and in this way it is possible to see a lot more stars. It’s a long process, but it is making a difference.

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