The Daily Prompt : Blank

I see him every afternoon.

The blank look in his eyes,

Pierce my heart,

Making me wonder

About his future.

As long as parents are there,

He will be looked after,

After that?

What will be his future?

At his age,

He should have been

Playing and studying

And having fun in life.

There is no strength in his body,

And that blank look in his eyes,

Makes me wonder.

What goes on behind them,

Does he know about himself,

Or is everything a blank paper?

I keep asking myself,

Why does this happen?

Why this suffering?

What went wrong?

The blank look in his eyes

Pierce my heart

And makes me wonder,

About the questions in life

Which can never be answered.

Life just has to be lived.

Manipal lake 30th May 2016 (4)


6 Replies to “The Daily Prompt : Blank”

  1. A poignant poem, Lakshmi. Life is a strange and precious thing. For those who live with a disability, it can be cruel too. Some disabled people are ‘lucky’ and they get the care they need, others are not so fortunate. It really is sad.

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