Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : “What’s this”

This week’s topic is a “What’s This”.  The concept for this challenge was suggested by Judy over at LifeLessons blog.  This challenge is to post a photo or two that you think viewers might be not be able to identify.  And let bloggers guess as to what object you photographed.  This is meant to be fun… Continue reading Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : “What’s this”


The Daily Prompt : Buddy

All through childhood We were moving From one place to another, Father was in the Indian railways. Every change meant new friends, Friends were many, But never a buddy, Except one. Leaving school days behind, We lost contact After exchanging a few letters, Our life went different ways. There were no close friends, Till marriage… Continue reading The Daily Prompt : Buddy

Little Things

Little things are so little,they often seem to be insignificant. They are there and we take them for granted and forget them. But many a time they are the most significant things in our life. We do not miss what we have never had but when we have something and they are taken away from… Continue reading Little Things

The Daily Prompt : Chaos

Reading in the newspapers
About violence
Here, there and everywhere.
And then about
The destruction of
Nature’s resources
For the never ending
Greed of man.
To make matters worse
Politicians who are
A class into themselves
And live for power and wealth,
Are bent upon
Making money for generations.
It seems as if there is
Chaos across the world.
But there must be
Something good everywhere,
Life goes on
With all its ups and downs.
There is always
The good,the bad and ugly.
In spite of everything,
It is good to believe
There is not enough
Darkness in the world
To extinguish the
Light of a small candle.



The. Daily Post Photo Challenge : Earth

‘ Share your vision of our magnificent earth through your lens.’ Green is a beautiful colour and our Earth looks so beautiful when she is covered with green, green trees or leaves or plants. Unfortunately over the years human greed is playing havoc on Mother Earth. Trees are being cut down, hills are being leveled… Continue reading The. Daily Post Photo Challenge : Earth

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