Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge :Walks – Indoor or Outdoor

This week’s topic is Walks – Indoor or Outdoor.   For outdoors you have have paths or trails and consist of dirt, cement, gravel as long as the outdoor walk is a designated for walking only.   Indoor walking areas can be hallways, aisles in stores.  Make sure all your walking areas are designated for walking, you can’t just show a big ballroom, park or beach.   Just have fun with this challenge.

A training college of a Bank has a nice walking track in its campus. Anyone can go there. These photos were taken when my parents were here to enjoy the company of their great grandson:)




There is a beautiful man-made lake in our place with a walking track around it .



Fun foto challenge


The Daily Post Discover Challenge: Opening lines

For this week’s challenge, publish a post — any kind of post, be it fiction, nonfiction, poetry, photography, illustration, video, or anything else — inspired by this line:

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last.


It was the first time,

And it wouldn’t be the last,

When I discovered the joy

Of expressing my ideas and feelings

With as less words as possible,

In Writing 101, Poetry, The Commons.

I hesitate to call my expressions


For I do not know the rules.

But rules are just rules.

What I write is for myself,

Having fun with the prompts

And a sense of satisfaction

As I express myself,

The feelings in my heart.

It was the first time

In December 2015,

For Writing 101,Poetry, The Commons,

And it wouldn’t be the last.

Reflections            ( 8-12-15)   WP

The quiet, serene waters of the lake

Reflected the world outside

And the quiet reflections  within,

Of the people sitting and reflecting.

The sun rays touched the glass walls

And  reflected  a shimmering light

On the quiet, serene waters  of the lake.


The Daily Prompt : Water

Here, in South India, we have just two seasons, Summer and the monsoon season. We depend a lot on the rains. This year, before the rains started we had a lot of water problems. There were drought conditions in different parts of our country. we were all waiting for the rains. In the first week, the rains started. For the last ten days we have been having almost continuous rains. Sometimes it is as if the sky has opened up and someone is pouring water on us all the time. It is like ‘water, water everywhere’. It is good that it is raining but it must be a source of discomfort for many.

I have always enjoyed walking in the rain, of course with an umbrella. I walk back home every afternoon from the institute where I work as a volunteer. I love the feel of water. It is good that it is raining. We cannot imagine living without water.

W H Auden has truly said, ‘Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.’


The pool in our village, in the middle of the areca garden. The water has reached the brim due to rains .


Small waterfalls from natural pools in the areca garden




The Daily Prompt : Fence

Our planet is one,

But it is divided

And sub-divided

Countless times.

And each division

From the largest

To the smallest

Has a fence around it.

Fences to keep

Those within and those without,

In their own places.

Fences are a dilemma,

They keep people away

From each other,

But without them

There would be chaos

In every part of our planet.

There are problems

When there are fences,

What would it be like

Without  fences?

It is hard to imagine.


Talk to me

What would life be like if there was no one to talk to, no one who was interested enough to talk to us ? It is very difficult to imagine such a situation. If we are solitary people it does not really matter but if suddenly we lose the companionship of someone close to us, someone with whom we have always shared our feelings, then it would be difficult. It does not seem to matter when one is young but as we grow older the companionship of someone of our age group to whom we can say, ‘talk to me’, is so necessary. It is necessary but we are lucky if we have that.

All are not so lucky. I was in my brother’s place for two weeks, early this month. They live in a colony with more than three hundred houses. Morning and evening walks were fun. It was good to see children of different age groups playing in the evenings after school. There are a lot of elderly people living with their children. I used to meet them every evening. I have always noticed that many a time, a glance and a smile connects two strangers. And there are others who live in their own world. They are just not interested.

Every evening I used to see a lady sitting on the bench by the side of the road looking at people walking by. The expression on her face was saying ‘talk to me’. She was a solitary person. I could just wish her, I did not know her language. Another older lady had some problem in her ankles but walked daily with her young companion. We exchanged greetings but I did not know her language. A lady in a wheelchair with one side paralyzed was taken around every evening by her companion. She used to lift her hand slowly when her friends greeted her but she could not speak. I met a very nice, polite old gentleman. He was ninety one, living with his son. When he came to know I spoke Kannada, we would talk to each other almost every evening. He had lost his wife twenty five years earlier. He enjoyed reading the newspaper read four of them every morning  from beginning to end. I could not meet him before leaving. I did not know his house. There was a very active old lady who enjoyed talking with her friends. She did not know Telugu, she was a Maharashtrian, but she knew Hindi. She was happy to ask me a lot of questions and also to tell me about herself.

Listening with interest makes a difference. There was an old Doctor, he lived with his son, his wife had had cancer some years ago. She had recovered but recently she was experiencing back pain. Walking a few steps was difficult.  It may be necessary for her to have a surgery. This old doctor had met my parents earlier and was interested enough to enquire about them. I suppose most people are happy if there is someone to listen to them. An old lady living opposite my brothers’ place is such a positive person. She is seventy five and lives with her children. She lost her husband when she was sixty. She keeps herself busy and is interested in people, in a nice way. When I met her for the first time I told her I did not know Telugu but she said she knew Hindi. I felt nice talking to her because she was genuinely interested. She told me she was happy with her children and had everything she wanted. At this stage of life all she wanted was someone to talk to and someone to listen to. That is important as we grow older.

‘It’s important to have a twinkle in your wrinkle.’ ~Author Unknown

‘Never lose sight of the fact that old age needs so little but needs that little so much.’ ~Margaret Willour

Hyd 2-05-16 to 16-05-16 (16)



The Daily Prompt : Perfection


Can there be anything called perfection?

It is such a subjective reaction,

What is perfect for one,

Can be imperfect for others.

But, we read so much about perfection.

For me perfection would be boring

Because those  so called imperfections

Make anything or anyone so attractive.

Life would be very difficult

To live with someone

Obsessive about perfection,

There would be no freedom

For all those imperfections

Which make life so attractive.

How can anything made by us be perfect,

When we ourselves are not perfect ?

Is there anything called perfection?

It all depends on us.

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