The Daily Prompt : Playful

Our grandson came into our lives

We became playful once more.

We played all his games

And enjoyed ourselves

As we had in our childhood.

Childhood and playfulness

Seem to go together.

Children have time to be playful

Even when there are difficulties.

I have seen children playing cricket

On the by-lanes and side roads.

Their life is a struggle in many ways,

But still they have time to be playful.

When do we lose this quality?

When do we become less playful?

Of course most of us enjoy

The funny and lighter sides of life.

It makes life a good one

In spite of so many difficulties.

But I often wonder about

The lives of people for whom

It is survival from day to day.

Is it possible to be playful

When life is one long struggle?

One never knows.

Because human nature

In many ways

Is strange and unpredictable.





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