The Daily Prompt : Smooth

The word smooth  took me back to my childhood days. My father was working in the Indian Railways and we lived in some of the big cities of our country. But every summer vacation we used to come to my maternal grandparents’ home in a small town. My brother and I used to stay with our maternal uncle for some days in a village. There is a river near his house and we used to really enjoy ourselves. There is a bridge nearby and we used to play there. The river is very shallow there. There were plenty of round, smooth stones on the river bed. We used to collect small round, smooth stones to play a game called ‘ kallu aata’ which literally means ‘stone game’. We need five stones for the game. It used to be fun. Those were the days long before television and mobiles. Many of our games were with stones and sticks . Some time ago we had been to my uncle’s house. Our daughter, son-in- law and grandson had come too. Our grandson enjoyed playing in the water and feeling the round, smooth stones.

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