The Daily Prompt : Water

Here, in South India, we have just two seasons, Summer and the monsoon season. We depend a lot on the rains. This year, before the rains started we had a lot of water problems. There were drought conditions in different parts of our country. we were all waiting for the rains. In the first week, the rains started. For the last ten days we have been having almost continuous rains. Sometimes it is as if the sky has opened up and someone is pouring water on us all the time. It is like ‘water, water everywhere’. It is good that it is raining but it must be a source of discomfort for many.

I have always enjoyed walking in the rain, of course with an umbrella. I walk back home every afternoon from the institute where I work as a volunteer. I love the feel of water. It is good that it is raining. We cannot imagine living without water.

W H Auden has truly said, ‘Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.’


The pool in our village, in the middle of the areca garden. The water has reached the brim due to rains .


Small waterfalls from natural pools in the areca garden





2 Replies to “The Daily Prompt : Water”

  1. We are having a heavy rain shower right now … but our rain is nothing like your monsoon! I love your little waterfall – it’s just like the one we have in our woods. Water really is a precious resource – we literally cannot live without it šŸ™‚

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