Life reflections

The Daily Prompt : Forbidden

The very word ‘forbidden’

Is so tantalizing.

It evokes a sense of mystery,

A feeling of wanting to do,

That which is forbidden.

This feeling is present

In every stage of life.

What is forbidden

And who forbids

Depends on the stage of life,

But in every stage

Something or the other

Is forbidden.

When forbidden to do something,

Children do exactly that,

But it is mainly by instinct.

Adults too love to do

What is forbidden.

The urge to do the same,

Is hard to resist.

Once just once,

Will not make a difference,

No one will know,

Is the excuse.

Oh, why is anything forbidden,

When the urge to do the same

Is present in everyone ?

Because some things are forbidden

And remain forbidden

In every stage of life.

Rules are obeyed

And rules are broken

It all depends on the person.