Life reflections

The Daily Prompt: Desert

The word desert

Brings to mind

A world so barren.

But on reflection,

No world can be barren.

There is always life,

A life that adapts itself

To the desert world.

Life is so tenacious

It clings and lives

In the worst of conditions.

For us who have

Never lived in a desert

Life there might look

So difficult.

But for people of the desert

That is their everyday life.

And life anywhere is,

What we make of it.

But, many a time,

A trust is broken,

Love deserts

And life seems like a desert,

With no life whatsoever.

But there is life,

In the worst of conditions.

We have to make our life.

It all depends on us.

Maikuri 21st 22nd May (34)