The Daily Prompt: Desert

The word desert

Brings to mind

A world so barren.

But on reflection,

No world can be barren.

There is always life,

A life that adapts itself

To the desert world.

Life is so tenacious

It clings and lives

In the worst of conditions.

For us who have

Never lived in a desert

Life there might look

So difficult.

But for people of the desert

That is their everyday life.

And life anywhere is,

What we make of it.

But, many a time,

A trust is broken,

Love deserts

And life seems like a desert,

With no life whatsoever.

But there is life,

In the worst of conditions.

We have to make our life.

It all depends on us.

Maikuri 21st 22nd May (34)

One Reply to “The Daily Prompt: Desert”

  1. So true, Lakshmi. Life forms do flourish in the most unlikely and inhospitable places and metaphorically, in our own lives too – it is amazing how indomitable the human spirit can be. Deep inside we can triumph over adversity in our lives. For some people, life is so especially hard, yet they still find their way through it. Their stories can be truly inspiring.

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