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The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Cherry on the top

This week, share an image of a finishing touch from your own life. Maybe it’s a photo of the blooming rose bush that’s the centerpiece of your garden, or a shot of the sunset that was a perfect end to a wonderful day. Perhaps it’s a snapshot of the glowing grin on your daughter’s face after she achieves a longed-for goal, or a picture of the statue on top of a beautiful old building in your city.

Show us the detail that made a good experience a truly transcendent one — let’s celebrate the cherries on top! I’m excited to get inspired by your photos.

The pool in the areca garden in our village. The green above and the green below makes the place extra beautiful, cherry on the top:)


One morning just before sun rise we were on our way, I was taking photos and this photo was by chance, cherry on the top 🙂


One more beautiful photo, sunrise and a bird flying across, cherry on the top:)



This photo of the shadows of my mothers and mine is special for me:)

Hyderabad (42)

The best cherry on the top, when our grandson was born:)), on my lap for the first time.


The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Cherry on the top

Life reflections

The Daily Prompt : Clock

The hands of the clock

Keep moving on,

Reminding us of the words,

‘Time and tide wait for none’.

Some look at the clock

And say there is no time,

To do all that we want to do.

Others say what to do with time?

What do we do to pass time?

That is a sad reflection

Of our state of mind,

When time hangs heavily

On our hands.

The minute hand of the clock

Does not seem to move,

We keep looking at the clock,

Urging it to move faster.

But time moves at its own pace.

What we do with time

Is in our hands.

The hands of the clock move on.

Even if they stop, time does not.

‘Time and tide wait for none’.


The Daily Prompt : Clock