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The Daily Post Discover Challenge : Shared Journeys

For this week’s Discover challenge, tell us about one of your shared journeys. It could be an actual journey — a road trip with your friends, your honeymoon, a walk in the woods with your parents. But you might also choose a less physical journey, from adopting an animal with your partner to finishing a collaborative creative project. You’re also welcome to share a contrary perspective and insist on the merits of solitary exploration.

I look forward to your posts — which can come in any form, genre, or media you prefer to publish in.


Life is a journey

Some are a part of it

From the beginning,

And others join us later,

And remain to share

This journey of ours

Till the end.

Along with them,

Books have been a part of my life,

And have shared my journey

Through the years.

Books have come

And books have gone,

Some have left their imprint

And others forgotten.

Books and their authors

Have taken me to different worlds,

To different times,

Have allowed me

To share their journey.

I cannot imagine

Life without books.

We have walked together

Over the years,

This shared journey of ours

Has made life

So much richer for me.


The Daily Post Discover Challenge : Shared Journeys