The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Rare

For this week’s challenge, share a photo of something rare: a family heirloom. A cloudy day in a normally sunny desert. A sad frown on a cheerful kid’s face. Or anything else you think of as scarce and singular. I can’t wait to see what “rare” means to you!

Long ago were the days of large families in our place. There were lots of children and grandchildren around the place. But these days most people have just one child or at the most two children. Many prefer not to have children. Many think the feeling of holding their grandchild in their arms is becoming a rare occasion. Couples are  busy with their careers and their parents worry about their not showing any interest in having a child. My parents and my father-in-law feel they are lucky to have seen and played with their great grandson;  rare moments these days.

My father-in-law 🙂


My mother 🙂


My father 🙂



The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Rare


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