Everything is fine, but…

Is a place negative or do people make it negative with their negative thoughts? Whatever it is, some places and some people do make us uncomfortable. It may be a place we have never been to and the people may be strangers but something does not feel right. ‘Everything is fine, but …’ comes to mind. The negative vibrations leave an uneasy feeling.

One evening we were returning home talking about such feelings when we met a vegetable seller who has been a part of our lives for a long time. He and his cart are a familiar sight. He walks for miles, from morning to evening, selling vegetables. We knew him when he was a young man, now his sons are young men. His sons tell him to take it easy but our vegetable seller likes what he is doing. We stopped to buy vegetables and talked about what was happening in each others lives. He said everything was fine in his life. His two sons are earning their living. The elder son had studied well and was in a good job. They had their own house and he was satisfied with his life. Then he said the words, ‘everything is fine, but…’ I was wondering what was coming. Many are happy with what they have and many others yearn for what they do not have. That is the way of life. It seems his wife was worried about their sons not getting married. That was her big headache. She wanted her sons to marry someone from their own community but our vegetable seller did not think that really important. He said he would try to convince his wife to change her way of thinking. I wonder what his sons thought about this?

Even now there are parents who object to their children marrying a person of their choice. In some parts of our country people still live in those long ago days. We read about violent acts against the younger generation and wonder whether we are in the 21st century. It is as if nothing has really changed. A relative was telling us about all the drama that was going on in a friend’s house just because a family member had married a Christian.  Our TV serials full of negative emotions definitely reflect real life. In many instances people who are highly educated seem to have a lot of ego problems. Everything seems to be fine, but…

Our vegetable seller, not highly educated but is definitely a person with an open heart who is ready to accept changes in life. Definitely no negative vibrations about him. That ‘but’ after ‘everything is fine’ had me worried for a moment. 🙂 It is not often that we hear people saying that they are happy with what they have. Being happy with their way of life does not mean that life is dull and monotonous.

This reminds me of one of my favourite books, ‘Trustee from the Toolroom’ by Nevil Shute.’ It is about the hero Keith Stewart- ‘He has achieved the type of life that he desires; he wants no other. He is perfectly, supremely happy.’

How many of us can say the same with confidence?

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