The other evening we went for a walk around the lake in our place. The water level has gone down as we have reached the end of our monsoon season. This man-made lake gets water from all around during the months of rainy season. The water reaches the brim in July, then starts decreasing in October. This goes on till the month of May. Similarly there are changes all around.

From September last year to September this year there have been so many changes in our lives. My father took ill last September, and this September he is no more with us physically. I remember my mother saying, “I never thought life would change so much. I always believed we would live as we have lived for many more years.” Yes, life changes and we have to keep moving on.

There are also changes within ourselves. Many a time we are not aware of the changes taking place within us. They keep happening.  Thoughts about changes came to mind when I started enjoying writing Haiku. I have always loved prose, but poetry was something which I did not really enjoy.  I could never understand the sort of poems written by TS Eliot. I always believed that poems should touch the heart immediately. Something about Haiku interested me. I came to read Haikus in different blog posts. When I read about syllables I was dismayed. Syllables had become so much a part of daily usage that I had forgotten what exactly they were. I read about them too and found them fascinating. To get an idea, and match it with syllables, was (and is) an interesting experience. Haiku is a poem of Japanese origin. There are three lines. There have to be five syllables in the first line, seven in the second and five in the last.

1 )  Silence of quiet nights

Far from all the outside sounds

Bring peace to my heart.

2) Dark clouds fill the sky

The sun parts wet dark rain clouds

Sunshine filters through.

There can also be three syllables in the first, five in the second and three in the last line.

When did I start enjoying poetry ? When did this change take place ? I do not know. Sometimes when I think about these changes, I become apprehensive. We know what we are now but as we grow older there will be changes. What if there are drastic changes in our thinking ? We may not be the same person we are now. How will life be like then? I do not usually worry about the future, I believe in facing life as it comes to us. But those changes which creep up on us scare me.

But a favourite relative used to say, “We should not live with fear in our hearts. Death will come to us once anyway. Why should we die a thousand times before we finally leave this existence.”



7 Replies to “Changes”

  1. A very wise relative. Not many English people can understand TS Eliot. That is why he is set to study in our universities. I would recommend John Clare as an English poet, especially when he writes about nature and the landscape. His love poems are not as good in my opinion. His poetry is all very cheap as a download on Amazon.

  2. I am sorry for your loss. Grief brings about it’s own set of changes and once one accepts those changes, we change again.

    Dare I say the haiku are reflective of the positive changes that poetry has brought to you?

    1. Yes Kasturika, it must be so. Now when I think back I started liking Haiku during the last year when my father was ill and bed ridden. I never thought along those lines, thank you 🙂

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