Towards Zero

Recent events at home and elsewhere kept bringing to mind the words, ‘Towards zero’. Life moves on and is made up of so many incidents, some important, some seemingly trivial. Many a time there is a link between them and at other times it is as if they are isolated events. We have so many… Continue reading Towards Zero

The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Tiny

In this week’s challenge, show us tiny. Capture something at a smaller scale. Create your own miniature scene. Or experiment with the tilt-shift technique — Instagram and other apps have this built-in tool. We see a lot of Sunbirds around our house. These tiny beings are very active from dawn to dusk. In early October… Continue reading The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Tiny

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Entrances and Doors

This week the topic is Entrances and Doors.  All buildings have at least one door.  This week I want to see grand entrances and doors  from a Cathedral to an old broken door found in a ruined building from long ago.  Any building as long long as the entry or door is your main subject of your photo.  Have… Continue reading Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Entrances and Doors


Recently I came across the word ‘transmogrify’ for the first time in a WordPress challenge. The very sound of the word and its meaning fascinated me. It means, “to change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely.” The word sounds ominous. Transformations happen all the time, sometimes harmlessly and sometimes otherwise. The word took… Continue reading Transmogrify