One More ( Slice of Life )


Walking along the road, to my horror I saw a tree being cut down. So many have been cut in the name of development. It hurts. Why do we commit such mindless destruction ? We do not think about the future. Our is a small place situated on top of a hill. There used to be so many trees, but now there is a concrete jungle. Ironically all those buildings have been given names like  ‘Blueberry Woods’, ‘Regal Woods and so on.  When I see those names, I do not know whether I should cry or laugh. It hurts, it really hurts and that helpless feeling of not being able to do anything to stop the destruction of nature. I wonder where all this will end ?

‘One more tree cut down

Trees are of no importance

Human desires are !’


One More ( Slice of Life )



5 Replies to “One More ( Slice of Life )”

  1. Welcome to Slice-of-Life! I am only an occasional poster (though hoping to become more regular in 2017!), but I also enjoy reading other people’s posts.

    Right now I am reading Elizabeth Kolbert’s The Sixth Extinction for my book group. And your concern for the trees, for the growing concrete jungles we build, definitely resonates with me. I wish we could understand why we need to preserve the natural world rather than bulldozing it out of existence.

  2. We need trees for our oxygen and well being. Sometimes new houses leave trees for the yard, businesses will feature trees inside buildings. Overall, it is sad when trees are cut down.

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