The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Resilient

A few years ago we had been to Ahmedabad. When I read about the Mohen ja Daro site just a few hours away by train, going there was a natural decision. We have grown up reading about the Indus Saraswati Civilization and specially about Mohen ja Daro, Harappa, Lothal and Kalibangan. Standing amidst the ruins of the port city was a dream come true.

These ruins are more than 4000 years old. They are still in good condition, still very resilient. They have not crumbled to dust. They  tell us so much about the people of those long ago days.Times have changed, people have changed but standing in that place took me back to those days when the place had been bustling with activity.
4000 years ago the river Sabarmati flowed very near Lothal, hence the dockyard. The river joined the Gulf of Khambat. But, much later, due to natural upheavals, the rivers changed their course and went far away from this port. Many other natural calamities led to the destruction of this place. But there is so much that is left, they are very resilient. They are still there after more than 4000 years .
These ruins were covered by a mound more than 50 feet in height. It was excavated by S R Rao from Karnataka and is team.
The drainage system was highly advanced and whole town was very well organized.
There is a museum near the site, which is very good. We also saw a documentary about the Harappan site in Dholavira.
This visit to Lothal was one of the high points of our trip.








The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Resilient



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