The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Graceful

For this week’s challenge, share something that says “graceful” to you: from a couple dancing a smooth tango or a skyscraper soaring with ease above the skyline, to a leaf that dropped just so atop a moss-covered rock. You can focus on people, animals, architecture, or objects — or go for an abstract shot where the composition itself channels a fluid, streamlined essence.

‘Graceful’ has many meanings, some of it are – charming, appealing, natural, lovely, beautiful and so on. The first thought that came to mind when I read the word was the ‘moon’. For me the moon is graceful, there is a serene beauty to it.

“Quiet and serene

Restful to the eye and heart

That defines graceful.”


Flowers are so graceful, Nature at her best.


So many are graceful 🙂 , my mother and daughter.


The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Graceful



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