Spring Back ( Slice of Life)


A few months ago the land behind our home had been cleared of all vegetation. This land belongs to builders. The trees have been razed to the ground many times in the last few years. But these builders have not yet started building anything. It is the same story everywhere. In the name of development destruction is taking place. Yesterday, while returning home I was glad to see plants growing again on that slope of hill. In spite of being destroyed they are coming back.

“Surviving all odds

Is Nature’s  strength and power.

People can tame her.

But cannot destroy Nature,

In a second Nature can.”

This reminded me of one of my friends. She was married at a young age. Her husband turned out to be an alcoholic. He used to beat her too. But her resilience helped her to overcome the problems that kept coming her way. She sent her children to school. They are earning members of the family. She works in the Housekeeping department of a medical institution. She built a house for herself. She achieved all this without the help of her husband. She believes in facing whatever comes her way with a positive attitude. It is very easy to face problems if we have wealth and security in life. Fulfilling our dreams without them takes courage and is really an achievement. There are people who keep moaning about all the troubles they are facing in life. Many a time those troubles are of their mind. But, never have I heard my friend do that. Such people give out positive vibrations.


Spring Back ( Slice of Life)


5 Replies to “Spring Back ( Slice of Life)”

  1. Chopping down that beautiful forest is appalling vandalism. In the 50s and 60s over here, we went through the same process. when beautiful historic buildings were knocked down, in spite of protests, just to construct concrete blocks of flats or supermarkets.

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