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Jugaad ( Slice of Life )

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I read a very interesting article in last Sunday’s newspaper. It was about the word or to be more exact the skill called Jugaad. That word is used mostly in North India. I had heard about it but had not known what exactly it was. This article is written by Nafeesah Ahmed. Jugaad is a colloquial Hindi word that refers to the process of finding an unconventional, yet ingenious solution to a sticky problem. The word is used in different ways depending on the situation. It also means finding clever ways of overcoming mundane, day-to-day issues. The word has also found its way into the Oxford dictionary. The author says jugaad is a way of life in India and it is so deeply embedded in our psyche that it comes naturally to us.
It is true. The other day my husband tied two pieces of the frond of the areca nut tree to a pipe which was leaking. This pipe is used to water the coconut tree. Tying the pieces of frond round the pipe helped the water to fall near the trunk of the tree. This is jugaad. Some time ago, a friend took the frond of the coconut tree, cut most of the parts and used the centre part to hold and from the top removed cobwebs. He used the frond in the garden. We liked the solution. There are so many such instances. I think people everywhere, at all times have taken to jugaad. I like the word too.

(The coconut frond)


( Frond ends tied round the pipe)


Jugaad ( Slice of Life )