reflections Song of the Road

The Daily Prompt : Sound

“Our sense of hearing

Makes us hear sounds, good and bad

Both are important

To appreciate the good

We have to know what is bad.”


The Daily Prompt : Sound


reflections Song of the Road

Early Morning (Slice of Life)

Our days have always begun early. And since the birth of our grandson in July 2013, they have begun earlier. We get up by five. I love to wake up a little later than usual on Sundays but the alarm in my mind wakes me up at five. :))I love these early morning hours. There is a certain serenity and quietness about them. Adding music to those hours is the chirpings of birds. Sometimes it is like an orchestra. I wonder what the birds are saying to each other? Maybe they are talking about their daily schedule. They are so busy the whole day.

A few years ago just before dawn we were startled to hear a whistling sound out of doors. We thought it was a person whistling. After this we heard this intriguing whistle every morning. We guessed that it might be a bird call. Indeed, when we looked in the book by the famous Indian ornithologist, Salim Ali, we came to know that it was the Malabar whistling thrush. The bird is so beautiful but we never got to see it. Unfortunately, we have not heard it for quite some time now. But many other birds like the bulbul, treepie, babblers and others come to eat the chapati pieces that we put out. We see sunbirds later in the morning. Squirrels are our visitors too.

Early this Monday morning, I happened to be in our verandah and it was good to see the moon. The moon has always fascinated me. It feels nice to see it at night or early in the morning. There is a different light to it.

“A quiet, dark night

With a shining moon above

Giving serene light.”

We also get to see it in the evenings. Many a time we have seen at the same time the moon high up in the east and the sun setting in the west over the Arabian sea. The moon adds a silvery magic to those early hours before dawn.

“Moon up and above us

Is soft, serene and shining

Soothes our lives always.”

The mornings after the full moon night are so beautiful. The moon is still visible. The beauty of the dawn is made more beautiful by the music of the birds. This reminds me of the following words by Rabindranath Tagore,“Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.”


Early morning


Evening, just before sunset


Early Morning (Slice of Life)