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The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Good Match

This week, share a photo of a satisfying pairing from your own life. You should by no means limit yourself to edible stuff — You can mix and match places, people, objects, and activities that represent your idea of a harmonious, pleasing combination.

Decades ago mud was removed from an open, empty space for making bricks and tiles in our place. After many years the tile factory closed. But the basin from where mud had been removed was widened and  deepened. During the monsoon season water fills to the brim. The whole acre covers hundred acres and the depth of the basin is about hundred feet. The water level has receded a lot now but the water does not dry completely. There is a walking track round the lake . We love going there. For me the water in the lake, the breeze and sunset is a very good match. There is a serenity and quietness which is so very refreshing.



Now that the water has receded, wild purple flowers grow on the lake bed. The flowers are very beautiful.



“A bed of flowers

Blooming when water dries up

Adding its beauty

To the lake with its dry bed

Carpet of purple flowers.”

The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Good Match