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The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Dense

This week, share your take on “dense” — you could focus on a natural landscape like I did, or take the theme in a different direction, from a sweaty crowd at a rock concert or a busy avenue during rush hour to a fresh loaf of bread, waiting for someone to take the first bite.

We were on our way home early one morning. We passed through dense fog at one place. It was surprising to see such fog because we usually do not get such fogs.







The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Dense

Life Song of the Road

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #142 Spring&Fresh

Here in South India we do not have Spring as a separate season. We have no cold season at all, it is just summer and monsoon season 🙂  But flowers do bloom.

“Fresh green leaves spring forth

Flowers and leaves dance with joy

With coming of spring.”


RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #142 Spring&Fresh

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No Problem (Slice of Life)


Our son, Aravind, is an Assistant Professor in one of our University Colleges not far from our place. He completed his PhD in English Literature last August. He also teaches German at his college. Those classes are held in the evening from six to eight. He returns home in an autorickshaw. A few nights ago we were surprised to see the driver get out and stand near our son. Words of appreciation literally tumbled out of his mouth. After five minutes he shook hands with Aravind and left smiling broadly at us. We looked questioningly at our son and he started laughing. It seems after Aravind got into the vehicle at his college, the driver asked him hesitatingly, “Please do not feel bad if I ask a question. Can you tell me what problem you have.” Aravind has a vision problem called Retinitis Pigmentosa from birth. Aravind replied, “It is okay about your asking the question. Actually, I have no problem at all. It is just that I cannot see properly.” The driver was so impressed by the confidence and lack of self-pity that he asked Aravind about himself all the way back home.

Those people who have so much confidence in themselves are lucky. When we have confidence in ourselves others have confidence in us. For Aravind his vision ‘problem’ is not a ‘problem’ at all. He is used to not being able to see ‘normally’. He does not miss it because he never had it. He is doing what he wants to do. He has attended international conferences to present papers in USA and in London. He is enjoying his work. He has his own friends circle and the love and respect of those who come into contact with him. There are ups and downs in life and how we face those ‘downs’ depends on us. Of course, there are circumstances beyond our control and many a time we are helpless. We have to do our best and move on.

He says he does not understand why people feel that he is doing something special. Everyone is special in their own way. He is what he is and that is the way he has always been.

“Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.”  William James, The Will to Believe and Other Essays in Popular Philosophy


No Problem (Slice of Life)




Life Song of the Road

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #141 Breeze&Blow

Coconut trees are a very integral part my place. I find them fascinating 🙂

“Gently blows the breeze

Softly touching the green fronds

They dance to its tune.”


RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #141 Breeze&Blow

Life Song of the Road

The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Atop

This week, consider your point of view as you respond to this challenge’s theme, “Atop.” If you’re physically on top of a thing or a place — a mountain, a skyscraper — what type of scene do you want to share in your frame? Consider, too, other interpretations of “Atop” — what does it mean or look like to be on top of a soapbox? A bestseller list? The world?

Show us your best image — we look forward to seeing everyone’s takes!

From top of a playground slide, for a change others look smaller :))



The Arabian sea from the balcony

WP_20150207_11_39_37_Pro - Copy

The Ajantha caves from top of the hill situated opposite them.


My husband from top of a tree:)


The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Atop


Life Song of the Road

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #140 Twist&Shout

Shouts of joy and glee

Twisting, dancing in loved hands

Children love it all.



RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #140 Twist&Shout

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Memory (Slice of Life)


Memory is such an integral part of our lives. What would life be like without memories? It is hard to imagine. As we grow older we face problems with our memory. I have heard people say they remember more about the distant past than what has happened in the near past. We were talking about memory and our discussion turned towards the memory of present day media.

The media, mainly the telecommunication and social media, have an interesting type of memory. It is short term and within that short term the viewers are bombarded day in day out with whatever is in news. Some time ago a statement made by a student was in news at all times. There were discussions for and against the statement and very personal remarks were made about the student and there was so much more. Then, that became old news and there was complete silence from the media about that particular topic. Now we are seeing the video of the BBC interview with Professor Kelly, the expert on South Korea. There is a full-scale debate going on in the social media. In a way it is really funny.  A very good example of making a mountain out of a molehill. I found the video very appealing. The children came into the room so naturally. It was good to see that. All sorts of interpretations are being given and this will go on till the media decides to forget it. Then, something new will happen. Life goes on.

It would be so nice if we could have such short-term memories about the negative incidents in our lives. But we tend to keep remembering them. So many find it really difficult to leave the past behind. I feel happy when good memories keep popping up at unexpected moments. Those incidents had made those moments in the past a pleasant one and they have the power to make the present a good one too.

“Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us.”  Oscar Wilde

Memory (Slice of Life)

Song of the Road

A Photo a Week Challenge: Hands

Hands are fascinating 🙂 Our grandson’s hands.



My father-in-law breaking cocoa pods.

Maikuri 21st May

My father, he passed away last September.


Hyderabad 22nd Jan to 31st Jan (30)

A Photo a Week Challenge: Hands

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The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Wish

Shinto is the dominant religion in Japan, though it is more of a way of life than a way to worship.Visitors to Shinto shrines can purchase small wooden plaques called ema, upon which they can share their hopes and dreams. Then, they hang them amongst other ema from people who have come before them, in the hopes that spirits will grant their wish This week, show us a wish.

“World without hatred

And violence of all kinds

A wish we all wish.

Quiet and a serene life

A wish that is but a dream.”


The serene waters of the lake in our place makes me wish that life everywhere could be as serene. A dream, no doubt, but we can always wish.

The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Wish



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The Next Minute (Slice of Life)


It is indeed fascinating the amount of planning we do in life. There is planning from ‘before birth’ to ‘after death’. We live in the present and plan for the future. We have to, at least most of us have to. In spite of all our planning, life takes us by surprise. We worry or think too much about the future but we can never be really sure about the next minute.

I remember the tsunami which struck the eastern coastline of our country on December 26th, 2004. One minute life was going on as usual. The next minute life changed tragically for hundreds and thousands of people. Last year on November 30th our son was walking out of his college. He slipped and sank to the ground and is legs went into a ditch. His left ankle had three fractures. He was coming to meet his sister and nephew but instead had to go to the hospital.  A few months ago my mother slipped and suffered a fracture. Neither was she in a new place nor was she doing anything that she had not been doing every day before the fall. Life changed in that one minute.

And all those accidents we read about in newspapers. Life changes in a single minute. People lose their lives or something more tragic awaits them. A few years ago we were returning home. My husband had to apply the brake and the next minute life literally turned upside down. We just did not know what happened. People who were nearby to help us. We were battered but fortunately did not suffer any serious injury.

We generally recognize that the far future is unknown, but we fail to realise that the very next minute is unknown future. But, we cannot live with fear worrying about the next minute. If we did so life would become unbearable.

Why die a thousand deaths before the final one ?

To Sakleshpur (14)

The Next Minute (Slice of Life)