School friends (Slice of Life)


Some time ago, a Facebook message told me that I had just celebrated five years of friendship with a friend. When I read that, my mind went back to 1976. I had joined a new school and I was in 9th Standard. I met this friend then. From the first something clicked and we became close friends. We had a lot in common. The next three years flew by and it was time to leave school. I left Delhi. We exchanged letters for some time. Those were the days of letters and after some time we lost touch. Life went on.

It was more than three decades since leaving school. At odd moments I would think about my friend, especially on her birthday. I was sure I would never meet her again. I am living in South India and she, in the north, when I left school. I had been to Delhi only once after 1979. Then, one day five years ago I got a friend request on Facebook from her. It was a dream come true. We are yet to meet in person but are in contact. This is one of the reasons I like Facebook.

School photo

School friends (Slice of Life)






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  1. Both of you took that essential step of embracing the social networking platform which led to your joyous discovery. Many elders in my family are wary of doing that. So kudos to you!
    Lovely class photograph. 🙂

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