Nature’s wish (Slice of Life)


Nature’s wish (Slice of Life)

This year the rains have been a little different. We had good rains in June and July. But, in August, it is was if the rains played musical chairs with us. It rained for a whole week, and then there was no rain for a week. For the last three weeks, we in Coastal Karnataka have not been having good rains. However we have been reading in the newspapers that many large dams in our state have almost completely filled up.
There is a large lake in our place. There are inlets in different places for the water from surrounding areas to flow into reservoir. By September the lake fills to the brim. This year, by the end of August, water had reached the brim but now the level has gone down. We just hope the rains come again. Wonder what nature’s wish is.

“It should be raining,
But rains have deserted us.
The heart fills with dread.
What is life without water?
Thinking leads to a nightmare.”

Nature's wish


8 Replies to “Nature’s wish (Slice of Life)”

  1. Nature does what she will. Either too much or too little. I am sad for all in the wake of the hurricanes who are suffering loss at the hands of nature.

  2. We must all learn to be careful with what Nature gives to us so that we do not waste it or use it badly. In Australia we know what happens when the rain doesn’t come. Now we wait for the fires and hope we can survive them.

  3. The climate is changing all over the world. We are all having to adjust to the new reality which seems to involve much unpredictability. I think we are all a little out of kilter since we are used to weather patterns we have experienced in our lives up to know.

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