The Tragedy of Life (Slice of Life)


The tragedies of life seem far away when I am sitting in our verandah listening to the birds calling out to each other. We have put pieces of ‘chapati’, and the birds are coming to eat them. Except for the chirping of birds it is a quiet moment but acts of violence and the resulting tragedies are happening at the same time almost everywhere. I wonder why is it that there is security for many people and no safety for countless others.

At the other corner of our country the Rohingyas are streaming in from Myanmar and Bangladesh. They are not wanted by anyone. They are labelled as illegal immigrants, security threat and are not considered as refugees. These are just labels. They are human beings who are suffering. What must their lives be like, specially the women folk ? Why do such things happen?

Some time ago we read about very young girls sold, in the name of marriage, to old sheiks from countries around the Persian Gulf. The parents of these girls and their other close relatives are committing this crime. It is as if being a girl is a crime. She is not wanted by her parents, sold off to be abused by the ‘husband’. Children are raped and many a time killed. Nothing happens to those who commit these offences. The victims are ones who suffer. Why do such things happen? There are no answers to so many questions.

As I am writing this, I am hearing news from Las Vegas, America, about the mass killings. So many killed and injured by one gunman! Why were all those people killed? What did the killer hope to achieve by murdering people who were enjoying music? If you remember a similar thing happened at a concert venue in Manchester in May this year.

History is full of such incidents. People killing for its own sake and enjoying the act has always been a part of human life. That is our tragedy.



The Tragedy of Life (Slice of Life)



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  1. You’ve touched on questions so many of us have – why it is that humans wish to hurt or even destroy one another. The answers are myriad, certainly – everything from simply not caring, to not valuing lives of others, to mental illness, to outright hatred. I watch children meeting each other for the first time, making instant friends, how one child will draw another into playing, and wonder where along the way the internal barometer becomes so broken that it can’t gauge our appreciation and need for each other anymore.

  2. It is amazing that we have the capacity to love a new baby into being and also the ability to kill another person. You would think two such impulses couldn’t co-exist.

  3. Sadly so You’ve touched on questions so many of us cause – why it is that humans wishing to hurt or even put down one another.

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