The Daily Prompt: Release

What would life be like without trees ? Long back I had read a Science fiction story which was set in the far future and there were no trees then !! I don’t remember the name of the story.

One of my favourite poems is The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. Trees give us so much but we are set on killing them. One of the most important thing that they give is when they release oxygen. How can we live without oxygen ? But still we destroy the ‘giving trees’. What are we leaving behind for the future generations?


Download PDF The Giving Tree – Good Ebooks

Download PDF eBook The Giving Tree, ‘As soon as there was a tree…and he or she beloved a little bit boy.’ So begins a narrative of unforgettable notion, fantastically written and illustrated by the

The Daily Prompt: Release


3 Replies to “The Daily Prompt: Release”

  1. The Giving Tree was a book I regularly gave to new friends when I was younger; it is a beautiful story. My husband and I often say that when we retire, we will go to a place that has lots and lots of trees.

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