The Daily Post : Temporary

The sky, the clouds, sunlight, sunrays , the moon and so much in nature are so fascinating. Everything is temporary in life. In the long life of our planet, our own life is so very short and temporary. We are here one day and gone the next. 
The silver lining , temporary and beautiful.

My parents holding hands, my father left us last September.


5 Replies to “The Daily Post : Temporary”

  1. My father was 85 when he passed away. They were living about three hours from my home for more than 25 years after he retired from his service in Indian railways. He was having dementia towards the end. In October 2015 my elder brother told them that they should come and live with them. From my place it was an overnight journey by bus. I used to visit them every two to three months. This photo was taken on one such visit and I love it. Regards

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