To a new world


To Germany
7th November- 8th November, 2017

At last the day to leave for Germany had come. The last nine months have flown by. My daughter and family are living in a small town in Germany. Our son-in-law is working there. Our daughter was expecting her second child and I was going there for two months.
My flight was at 10.30 in the night, it was to Frankfurt via Abu Dhabi. We landed in Abu Dhabi at 2.15 Indian time. The flight to Abu Dhabi was captained by Khyati Shah. It was good to know that.  We had less than two hours and had to walk through the long terminus to reach our gate of departure. The flight took off at local time 2.15 in the morning. Indian time  3.50
I was thinking that at home I would have been fast asleep on my own bed, at that moment there was air turbulence and this brought to mind that we were high above the ground, 36000 feet above!!

We landed in Frankfurt at 5.45. After security check in, we had to walk quite a distance to collect the baggage. According to the to the ticket we were supposed to have landed at 6.45. I then came to the exit at C sector. I did not know how to contact Vinay, my son-in-law. Then I connected to the airport WiFi and sent the message. While waiting I met a young German girl who was returning from Chennai. She had gone there for an internship. I asked her about  her experience because Chennai was not among the cleaner cities. In the beginning it was a cultural shock, she said. But she had told her host family that she will return. She told me that tells a lot. Then Vinay came . It is about 100kms to Walldorf. On the way saw beautiful trees and villages. A different world from mine.

We were in Walldorf by nine. It was wonderful to see my daughter and grandson. On the 10th she will deliver her daughter by caesarian section.

Waiting for day after tomorrow.


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