Letters from Germany – 1 (Slice of Life)


I have come to Germany, to my daughter’s home. Her daughter, Kavya was born on the 10th. Before leaving I told my mother and my father’s elder brother’s wife that I would write emails to them. My  previous post was my first letter to them. The following are four letters.
( Amma is mother and Doddamma is elder mother.
Dear Doddamma and amma,
Today morning I went with Vinay to drop Advaith in his school. It is not very far. The weather is cloudy and drizzling so we went in car.


After returning home I went with Vinay to Heidelberg where they are members of a very good library. Here there are only English books and DVDs for adults and children. There are books in shelves from the floor to the ceiling. We can bring about 8 books for children and four for adults and keep them for a month.


Heidelberg is less than half hour from Walldorf. It was almost two thirty when we reached Walldorf and picked Advaith from school and returned home.

9th November,
Today is At Martin’s day and is celebrated here by children and adults.
Lanterns are made in the school by the children with the help of teachers. They are made about two months earlier. Children choose what they want. Advaith wanted to make rocket shape.
Every year this is a fund raising event in Advaith’s school. Mothers prepare cakes and it is bought by those who come. The money collected is sent to the cancer ward in Heidelberg.
There is a bonfire in the school ground, parents and children stand around the bonfire and sing songs. It was nice to see this.


12th November
We came to the hospital in Heidelberg on the 10th morning at 9 o’ clock. During an earlier check up the doctor and her team talked with Gayatri and Vinay and said a cesarean was advisable.
After a series of check ups, Gayatri was taken to the operation theatre. Vinay was with her. I was waiting in the waiting room and reading a book which I had got from the library in Heidelberg.
The doctor, a very nice lady, talked to me while I was waiting and then after the delivery she came and wished me and told me there were no complications. Then Gayatri and the baby were brought to the post-operation ward. After two hours we came to the room. It is nice.
Vinay is looking after Advaith, they are coming after breakfast. We will go home tomorrow or maybe day after.  The weather is very cold here but inside there are heaters.
Kavya is fine. She sleeps a lot during the day. At night every two hours she gets up for her feed and then sleeps.
Gayatri is recovering but there is still pain.The doctor said it will take about ten days to heal properly.
It is now 6.10, both Gayatri and Kavya are sleeping.


We left the hospital yesterday morning at 11o’clock. Early in the morning Gayatri’s doctor had come on her rounds. Later a physiotherapist came to teach Gayatri some exercises. She had come the previous day too. We asked her permission and recorded Gayatri doing the exercises. Here the doctor has said that she can eat anything and if she feels something does not suit the baby she should not eat it. A Hebbame (midwife) comes to the house after the baby is born to check the baby’s health and also to hear our doubts and questions. They have to be contacted during pregnancy. As I am writing this  Gayatri’s hebamme is checking Gayatri and Kavya. Advaith was very happy to see his little sister at home. He wants her on his lap and likes to touch her hair. It is nice to see this.

I will write again after a few days.
With love,


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  1. How wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Intriguingly enough, my granddaughter called me Amma on her own since she was 1 1/2 . We are not Indian, but I love the sound of that name and cherish it.

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