Snow flakes

The words snow flakes have always seemed magical to me.  One of the main attractions of WordPress was getting to see the the snow-photos posted by my fellow blogger friends. I never thought that I would get to experience the feel of snow.
I am in Germany in my daughter’s place. Her daughter was born on November 10th. I am here till January 18th. I am having a wonderful time with my grandchildren.
Today is December 1st and it has been a white magic day. It snowed yesterday night and again it started snowing at 8o’clock. It is now 12.30 and it is still snowing. The sight of snow flakes falling gently to the ground or resting on the branches seem magical to me.


I had seen snow more than two decades ago but seeing snow fall is a new experience. It felt good to see snow flakes floating down just as we see rain drops during monsoon season in my place. There we have no winter at all, just summer and monsoon season.


We will visit our daughter some time in the future but I am sure it will not be in winter. The days are very short and it will not be convenient for sight seeing. So I am going to enjoy the snow and the winter.



“Snow flakes floating down

 Gently resting on branches

Making their magic.”


7 Replies to “Snow flakes”

  1. How cool that you get to experience the snow fall and enjoy your grandchildren! I didn’t really see a good snowfall until I was an adult. I agree – there is something magical about it. I love your haiku! You capture the excitement.

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