Letter from Germany- 3 (Slice of Life)


( I am in Germany in my daughter’s place. Her daughter was born this month on the 10th. I write mails to my mother ( Amma) and my father’s elder brother’s wife, my Doddamma ( elder mother ). I also send photos. My Doddamma is 86 and is mostly in her room and her home. My cousin’s wife wrote to me that my Doddamma was very happy to read and see the photos of my grandchildren which I send through WhatsApp. She says she can now imagine what they are doing. My mother too enjoys them. WhatsApp is such a blessing in many ways. It helps us to stay connected with our near ones, if we want to.)

December 1st  2017
Letter from Germany- 3.
Dear Doddamma and amma,
Yesterday night it snowed. Today morning I looked out of the kitchen window and saw snow on the ground and the roofs of the neighbouring houses.*

By 10.30 the weather was brighter and I started out for my walk at 10.45 I enjoy my walks, I walk along different roads but Walldorf is a small place and there is no chance of losing my way. On the way I get to see beautiful houses.


 Today I walked a little past the town centre along Hauptstrasse, here vehicles are not allowed. In December there is a Christmas market every weekend. Preparations are going on.


Here it is very nice to see many people of the older age group going about in their bicycles. I walked a little further and saw a beautiful house.

Such houses are called Fachwerk houses. I searched in the internet and have written about these houses from one article.

The word «fachwerk» comes from the German words «Fach» that means «panel, section» and «Werk» that stands for «frame». Fachwerk (half-timbering) is a framing technology of a house construction which implies that there is a rigid massive wooden framework within the structure and different materials are used to fill in the spans. The history of these houses goes back to medieval Germany. Subsequently fachwerk became popular all over Europe. There still exist fachwerk buildings which are now more than 500 years old. )

As I walked back I saw the weekly market near the Rathaus or town hall. People from nearby places come to sell their produce here. Many people were buying things. Gayatri told me she buys vegetables in this market some times.

It was 11.25 when I reached home. Afternoon was cloudy. Vinay comes for lunch at 1.30. After lunch he goes to Advaith’s Kindergarten and brings him home. Advaith has lunch in school.
It is now 4 o’ clock and it cloudy and getting darker. I will write again after some days.
With love,

Letter from Germany- 3 (Slice of Life)

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  1. Thank you so much for the link. It’s entirely different than the one your comment took me to. Looks like you’re having a fine time there with your family, and I wish you all much joy. 🙂 🙂

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