The Daily Post Photo Challenge : 2017 Favorites

It is really difficult to choose a favourite photo from the hundreds of photos taken this year. But two photos came to mind as soon as I read what we had to share.

I am in my daughter’s home in Germany. And I have been experiencing snowfall for the first time. Some days ago, early morning I raised the window shutters and saw everything covered with snow. The street lamps were on and their lights shining on the snow changed the place into a magical fairy land. That scene will always be a part of my life.




The Daily Post Photo Challenge : 2017 Favorites

7 Replies to “The Daily Post Photo Challenge : 2017 Favorites”

  1. That first snowfall is always magical. How nice that you were able to capture it. We have snow here ( South Ontario , Canada) and I love it over Christmas and then…..that’s enough. But the winter here goes on for quite a lot longer.

    1. Yes, in my place we have our monsoon season from June to October 😊 If it does not rain we worry, our country is so dependent on the rains. And when it goes on raining we wonder when it will stop. 😁 Human nature !!

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