Letter from Germany-7 (Slice of Life)


( I am in Germany in my daughter’s place. Her daughter was born on November 10th. I write mails to my mother ( Amma) and my father’s elder brother’s wife, my Doddamma ( elder mother ). I also send photos. My Doddamma is 86 and is mostly in her room and her home. My cousin’s wife wrote to me that my Doddamma was very happy to read and see the photos of my grandchildren which I send through WhatsApp. She says she can now imagine what they are doing. My mother too enjoys them. BWhatsApp is such a blessing in many ways. It helps us to stay connected with our near ones, if we want to. 😊)

Dear Doddamma and Amma,
We are fine here. This year is coming to an end. It seems as if just the other day when I was thinking that I have to go to Germany in November. Now the time to go back home is coming nearer.
Advaith is having Christmas vacation from 24th to January 7th. My mother’s younger sister’s son, Ganesha and family had come on the 24th. Gayatri and my cousin’s wife, Ashwini call each other often. Advaith loves to play with Ganesha’s younger son, Shreyas . The elder son, Srinidhi also joins in but he is 14 years and feels he is older.


Ganesha and family have been in Germany for about 11 years. They live about two and half hours away by car. Evening they all went for a walk, Gayatri and I were at home. On the 25th morning Vinay, Ganesha and children went to Heidelberg.


Gayatri had a packet of Basmati rice and we asked  Ashwini to make vegetable palav, she is an expert. I have not made with Basmati rice because long back it had not come out well, the rice had overcooked. I will make after going back home. We had a great time together. They left at about 3 o’clock. Ashwini sent a message that they reached at 5.45.

During holidays Gayatri keeps Advaith busy with some activities. Afternoon he watches some of his favourite cartoon programmes. I too sit and watch with him. They are fun. On the 26th morning Advaith and I walked to a park near his school, only ten minutes away. We walked slowly looking at birds and trees and pebbles on the way. He likes to collect pebbles. There are different types of swings, we enjoyed ourselves.


On the  27th Vinay and Advaith went swimming. There is an indoor swimming pool. Advaith told me there is a circular slide into the pool, he likes it very much. It is only for children.
Here supermarkets send pamphlets of all the products that come there. The pictures are very nice. Advaith has learnt how to use the scissors in his kindergarten. We cut pictures of bottles. Gayatri cut a white sheet in the shape of a bottle. Advaith and I made maida gum and we made a collage. He was very excited about home-made gum. We had fun together.


Yesterday morning Gayatri and Advaith went with Vinay to the local library. Vinay went to his office from there. The membership fee is minimal and a member can get any number of books. Gayatri gets many books for Advaith and some for herself and Vinay. Both read out the stories to Advaith. He loves listening to stories.
Afternoon I went for a walk on the road around the air field nearby. There is an Air club and during summer members fly gliders and hot air balloon shows take place too.


I am enjoying my walks here.
Kavya is fine, she recognizes our voices and responds by smiling. Sometimes something catches her attention and she keeps staring in that direction and smiles. I don’t know how time passes just watching her.
With lots of love to both of you,

Letter from Germany-7 (Slice of Life)


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