A Sunny Day ( Sidlak poetry)

Sidlak poetry (sid/lak) is a structured poetry consisting of 5 lines with 3-5-7-9 syllables AND A COLOR. The last line must be a COLOR that describes the whole poem or the feelings of the writer.

I first read Sidlak poetry in Radhika’s page,


It is really interesting, I had read about Haiku and Tanka in WordPress and am really enjoying it. This is my first Sidlak.😊

A warm day
The bright sky above
The feel of fresh grass below
A gift the Sun gives to all of us.
Blue and green add warmth to our lives.



5 Replies to “A Sunny Day ( Sidlak poetry)”

  1. Hi! thank you so much! sidlak poetry has 5 lines… yup consisting of 3-5-7-9 syllables and a color…

    first line: 3 syllables
    second line: 5 syllables
    third line: 7 syllables
    fourth line: 9 syllables
    fifth line: a color

    ❤ ❤ but i love that you tried this structured poetry. ❤

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