Letter from Home-3 (Slice of Life)


[In October last year I started writing letters to my Doddamma (my father’s elder brother’s wife) and to amma (my mother). In November, I went to my daughter’s place in Germany, she was expecting her second child. I wrote mails to my Doddamma and my mother (Amma) every week. I sent the mail to my sister-in-law, my mother lives with my elder brother and to my cousin’s wife. My Doddamma lives with her son. After returning home I thought I would post letters then decided to continue sending mails. It will reach them sooner and I can also attach photos.) My Doddamma is 86 and is not able to go out. My Amma and Doddamma enjoy the mails and the photos.The internet has really changed our lives, it helps us to keep some contact with our friends and relatives, if we want to.😊]



Dear Doddamma and Amma,

On Sunday we had been to Maikuri to see mava ( my father-in-law). He is fine and happy to be there. His health is ok and is able to do his daily routine. We returned home in the evening. It takes us about 2 ½  hours to go there.

After a long time papaya trees were growing in our garden. We had not planted them. There are ten coconut trees in our garden. We put the vegetable peels, fruit seed and water near the coconut trees. So, we got two papaya trees. When we first came to our house, monkeys used to come eat the fresh, tender papaya leaves and the plants that came up got destroyed. Now monkeys do not come. About ten days ago there was heavy wind and one tree broke from the top and about 14 raw papayas fell down. One was a little ripe. This was on the 25th. I had written to you about our visit to our niece, Soumya’s home in N R Pura on the 26th. We took the ripe one and we enjoyed it together. Some I distributed to my neighbours. I made palya, sambhar, kottige and pickles. We enjoyed them.


(raw papaya is finely chopped and mixed with a batter of ground rice and steamed in banana leaf)

I had written to you earlier that we had been to the temple of Amrutheshwara in Amrutapura. We had planned to come to Sringeri on the 27th evening. Soumya told us that we should see the home of Kuvempu in Kuppalli near Koppa. It was on our way to Sringeri. We left N R Pura after breakfast. And went to Kuppali about 10 kms from Koppa. Kuvempu’s home is now a museum and is very well maintained.

Kuppalli (19)

Many people come there. A little way away from the house is a hill covered by black boulders. This place is called Kavishaila. It is a rock monument made of megalithic rocks and dedicated to Kuvempu. It is on the top of a small hill in Kuppali. Arranged in a circular fashion, the rocks have been placed to resemble the Stonehenge in England. At the centre of this rock monument is the place where Kuvempu was laid to rest after his death and a memorial has been constructed at that location. Near this monument, is a small rock where Kuvempu used to sit and discuss about literature and other topics with his friends.

Kuppali (3)

Kuppalli (8)

Kuppalli (38)

Kuppalli (15)

The house is far away from the town, surrounded by areca plantation and hills. It is very peaceful there. There is also a photo gallery of his son, Poornachandra Tejaswi. Kuvempu’s poems are written on stone slabs and erected in different places.  The house is of the old type. Inside there is an open space with a Tulasi plant(Holy basil plant) and on four sides there are passages on a higher level. We are not allowed to take photos inside.


( Just inside the house, photo from the internet )

All the rooms have been preserved, even the cooking utensils of those days.We were there for more than two hours and were very happy that we were able to see the place. It is so quiet and serene.  From there we proceeded to Sringeri. I will write about it in my next letter. 

With love,




Kuppali Venkatappa Puttappa (29 December 1904 – 11 November 1994), popularly known by his pen name Kuvempu, was an Indian novelist, poet, playwright, critic and thinker.


Kuppalli – Wikipedia


Kuvempu. The celebrated Kannada poet and writer Kuvempu belonged to this village and was very attached to it. Indeed, this pen-name Kuvempu (Kannada: ಕುವೆಂಪು) pays homage to the author’s home, created as it is from the first letters from his full name “Kuppali Venkatappa Puttappa” (Venkatappa being his father’s name). Kuppalli is also the birthplace of Poornachandra Tejaswi, the son of …


 (Maikuri – The place in our village where my father-in-law and brother-in-law live.

 Palya, Kottige – names of different dishes that we make for breakfast or for lunch )

Letter from Home-3 (Slice of Life)





13 Replies to “Letter from Home-3 (Slice of Life)”

  1. As always I enjoy your pictures and commentary. The peacefulness of the place comes through in your pictures. A place where one could collect one’s thoughts and just be.

    1. Ours is a hilly place, there are hills and valleys which were covered with trees. Unfortunately in the name of development the trees have been destroyed. The monkeys must have moved away in search of trees. It is very sad what we humans do.

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