Life reflections

Those disturbing thoughts

Elections to the legislative assembly of our state were held on the 12th of this month. For quite some time we have been hearing rival party leaders abusing each other and also making false promises to the people of our state. Politicians are a necessary evil. Maybe evil is too strong a word but most of them are disgusting people. They are only interested in the personal benefits of power and accumulating enough wealth to last many generations. It is as if there are no honest politicians. Reading the posts of many of my blogger friends I find that people have the same feeling towards politicians all over the world. It is an interesting phenomenon. But I believe there must be good politicians otherwise there would have been chaos across the length and breadth of our country. Next year we are going to have general elections to choose our representatives for Parliament and there will be a lot of drama taking place. When I reflect on this, disturbing thoughts come to mind. Why do we elect such people? According to some the individual candidate is not important, the party is. So we must vote for that party. What if the individual is unworthy of our vote? Are we at fault or is the system at fault?

Disturbing thoughts have the habit of unsettling our peace of mind. One Sunday, on our way back home we were crossing a bridge over a wide river. We had to stop as all other vehicles had come to a halt. Many people were looking over the parapet of the bridge. A young man had just committed suicide. His backpack was lying by the side of the road, a mute testimony to the tragedy. What desperate thoughts had driven him to take his own life? We generally believe that people who commit suicide are cowards, but they must be having a lot of courage to take this final step.

Disturbing thoughts have the habit of coming to mind at the most unexpected moments. Years ago I used to love reading tragedies and watching movies with tragic ends. But now I do not like them. As it is there are so many terrible things happening in real life. They leave their impact on us. But we get over them. Is it because they are not happening to us or near home? Such thoughts disturb us all the more. It is a moral dilemma; life is indeed very complicated.

“The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.” -John Milton