RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #212 Sates&Fuels

  Last week we were returning home when we saw a small truck in front of us. It was an open truck with baskets stacked with fish. They were being taken to the market. I saw a crow flying above the truck. It suddenly swooped down, grabbed a fish in its beak and flew away.… Continue reading RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #212 Sates&Fuels

Letter from Home- 21 (Slice of Life)

23-07-18 Dear doddamma, We went to Khandige (my father-in-law’s elder brother’s house, it is the ancestral house of my husband’s family) yesterday morning to take part in Trikala puje. [Trikala means three times. Goddess Durga in her different forms is worshipped. In our community certain pujas (prayers with certain rituals) are performed in the ancestral… Continue reading Letter from Home- 21 (Slice of Life)

Vacation in the Hills-4 (Slice of Life)

10-07-18 Dear Doddamma, We are going to Maikuri (where may father-in-law lives) today afternoon. Tomorrow is my mother-in-law’s death anniversary. There are certain rituals performed by my husband and his brother. The date of the death anniversary is calculated according to the Hindu calendar.We will return tomorrow evening. To continue with our trip doddamma, On… Continue reading Vacation in the Hills-4 (Slice of Life)