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Letter from Home-26 (Slice of Life)

slice-of-life_individual                                                                                    30-09-18
Dear Doddamma
I returned from Hyderabad today. The plane left at 11.30 and we reached Mangalore at 1.15. Kuvara and Aravinda had come to the airport. I had only hand luggage, so I came out soon. On our way back we had lunch in a hotel. We reached home at 3.30.

20180930_144234Before going to Hyderabad I had prepared dosa batter for breakfast and Kuvara knows cooking. In the evening after tea we went to the park near Venugoplala temple and sat there for half an hour. We did not feel like walking. It is very pleasant and quiet in the park.

Amma and I went to Hyderabad on the 26th morning. Our flight was at 9 in the morning. We left home at 6.30. I took some sandwiches to eat in the airport. We drank coffee before leaving home. Kuvara and Aravinda dropped us at the airport. Our plane left at 9 and we were in Hyderabad by 10.15. It was raining when our flight landed but by the time we got down, it had stopped raining. We had checked in amma’s suitcase, so we had to wait for some time. Ravi,my younger brother came to the airport, he had reached on the 25th night from Australia.

20180927_115017On the 27th was appa’s (Father) tithi (death anniversary rituals). Shaila’s friend who is from Udupi had asked her family purohit if they could come to perform appa’s tithi. They are Shivalli brahmins and their customs are different and they are more orthodox than we are. Shaila (my elder brother’s wife) had asked a lady to come and cook. She has come many times earlier. She came in the morning, we had cut vegetables and grated coconut earlier. She came and had bath and I was surprised to see her start cooking in wet clothes, Shaila told me in Hyderabad people are very orthodox and they rigidly observe certain customs. Some friends from the colony, my niece’s mother-in-law and other relatives had been invited.

We wanted to have one tithi of appa at home, from next year we are thinking of performing it in Bharat sewa ashram. My father did the same for his parents. In Bharat sewa ashram, poor orphans and older people who have no one, are looked after.

20180927_062923( my younger brother helping )

On the 28th we went to the hospital for amma’s check-up. She had finished her chemotherapy in April and had come to place in May. Her doctor had asked for monthly blood tests, we had sent the reports to him. That day the doctor had asked for a blood test, x-ray and a scan. It took quite a long time. The doctor was happy with the results but she has to have another scan. She will go with Ravi and Shaila on Monday morning. That day by the time we left the hospital it was after 2.30. We went to a Marwadi hotel for lunch. The food was very tasty, they serve Marwadi dishes. I liked kadhi. We were back home by 4.30. That evening my brothers, Shaila and her niece went to a movie. Amma and I did not go. I have just lost interest in movies, I think the last movie I saw was six years ago.

On the 29th morning we did not go anywhere. Afternoon we went out to buy some things and just for a round. Evening my nieces’ mother-in-law had invited us for tea. They live in the same colony. On our way back we got some samosas and Kachoris. In their house we had a lovely surprise. My niece had come from Bombay to be with us. We all were very happy to see her. She will go back on the 2nd. Her mother-in-law had prepared rava dhokla and she had baked cutlet. The ingredients were raw banana, green peas and fenugreek leaves. It was very tasty. We all ate the samosas and kachoris. We returned home after 7.30. We all sat talking till about 11 o’clock. the 30th morning my brother’s had to attend a function so my elder brother’s driver dropped me at the airport. Anna (elder brother) had taken a printout of the boarding pass. I checked in and sat near the gate from where I had to board the plane.
We are all fine here doddamma.
With lots of love,

(Last week my cousin’s wife told me that doddamma loves to read letters again and again. My mother was writing to her in our inland letters. If I mail to her someone has to read to her. So, from now onwards I am going to post my letters to her. She will get them in two or three days. And I will edit some lines and post the letter in Slice of Life 😊 )

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Anna is the word we use to address an elder brother.

Letter from Home-26 (Slice of Life)