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Letter from Home-31 (Slice of Life)

Dear Doddamma,
We wish you all a very happy Deepawali and seek your blessings.


We are all fine here and waiting for day after tomorrow. Gayatri, our daughter and grandchildren are coming from Germany. They will be reaching Bangalore today midnight. Her father-in-law will go to the airport.
Sunday morning Kuvara went to Maikuri (where my father-in-law lives. It is in a small village) He attended a 60th birthday function of his cousin. Many celebrate their 60th birthday with some rites and rituals. His another cousin’s wife had passed away on the 24th. She had been bed-ridden for many months. We perform certain rites and rituals on the 10th, 11th and 12th days. All the family members gather. Kuvara and his brother attended both the functions. He returned in the evening.


Today I made chocolate spread for Advaith, he loves it. I searched for a recipe in the internet. In that recipe we have to use hazelnuts, I used almonds. It has come out well and of course, we all will be eating it too 😊.


In the evening Aravinda and I went for a walk near home. Our place is mostly a residential are and there are many roads and byroads. We came back before Kuvara returned.
Kuvara (my husband) is going to the Yoga department of the hospital to learn some asanas and pranayamas. He started going from the 2nd. He has to be there by 7 Am and is back by 8.30. He has started using his bike again. We bought it in 1986 and recently we updated the required papers and official documents.
On the 1st Aravinda had a holiday for Karnataka Rajyotsava. He had a lot to study. Evening my husband’s cousin’s son, Sham and his wife came home. They live in London. In 2014 Aravinda had been to London to present a paper at an international conference. After the conference Sham had taken our son around London for two days. They had a good time together. We enjoyed their visit. They stayed the night in their cousin’s home in our town. Last week my neighbour gave us colacasia leaves from their garden. We make different dishes from the leaves and the stalks too. But it is very important to add tamarind while cooking Otherwise get a lot of itching when we eat what we have prepared.
Doddamma, last year on the 7th, I left for Germany. One year has gone by.


( in the airport in Frankfurt)

Kavya has started taking a few steps by herself. Tomorrow we will buy some crackers, mainly sparklers for Advaith (our grandson, he is 5 ½.). I am making mango icecream. This year we got many mangoes from our tree, Bennet Alfonso variety. I had frozen the pulp. Advaith likes ice-cream. His grandmother, our son-in-law’s mother, in Bangalore has prepared Gulab jamun for him. She asked what she should make for him, he said he wanted gulab jamun 😊.
We will try to make Whatsapp video call and talk to you when the children are here.
With love,
[‘Slice of Life’ has reaffirmed my belief that everyday moments are precious moments. They make us what we are. I have been posting my letters to my father’s elder brother’s wife, I call her Doddamma. It literally means elder mother. I mailed my letters to my cousin’s wife. She used to read it to her. One day she told me that doddamma enjoyed hand-written letters. She reads and re-reads them. So, I have once again started writing letters on paper and posting them to her. I edit and share what I have written to her in ‘Slice of life’. I like reading the different slices of life. We live in different places of the world but there is a sameness in our everyday lives. It is fascinating and that sameness connects us.’]

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Letter from Home-31 (Slice of Life)