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Letter from home -33 (Slice of Life,)


Dear doddamma,
We are having a busy and fun filled time with our grand children. Out grandson is Advaith, he is five. Our granddaughter, Kavya, is one. I was telling my friend it is as if there is no time to breathe too.  Kavya, took a few days to get used to us. She wanted her mother to be in front of her at all times. But now it is not so. She is happy to be with us. She has started walking a few steps. We all get so excited when we see her getting up without any support and take a few steps forward. It is interesting that as we grow older we find it difficult to get up without support.


We take so many things for granted. A few months ago I realised this when my elder brother asked me if I could get up without taking support. Initially, I could not do so. But now I can and feel it is such an achievement. Back to childhood !!  I am taking a lot of photos and videos. My mother is enjoying the children. Advaith loves to tease her and both enjoy removing our sticker bindis.


Last week was also special because my cousins came to stay for a day with us. They came to attend a wedding. I send them photos and videos of the grand children. On the 13th my doddamma and doddappa’s son and daughter-in-law stayed the night. On the 15th, their daughter and son-in-law stayed the night with us. We had a great time together and they enjoyed the company of the children. We are all grandparents now 😊.

On the 17th evening we all went to the beach. Amma and I sat on one of the concrete benches near the beach. Others went to near the water.  Advaith played a lot and Kavya enjoyed the feel of the waves on her feet.

Yesterday morning my husband went to be with his father. He left early in the morning.  Advaith  missed him and was happy to see his grandfather today morning.


Aravinda’s German certificate course is over. Evening we all will go for a walk. Otherwise, he was busy every evening.
We are all fine here. It is now 3 in the afternoon. Kavya has just got up from her afternoon nap. I will make a does for her. Later we will get some fruits.
With lots of love,

Letter from home -33 (Slice of Life,)