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Imagination ( Sunday Photo Fiction)

Sunday Photo fiction

He and his parents had been traveling on the lonely stretch of road for quite some time in Rajasthan. Unlike his home state the place seemed so deserted.
It was late afternoon when he saw a huge being in the far distance. What could it be ? He felt himself tremble with excitement. No doubt it was an alien being. He loved reading and  was obsessed with science fiction. Isaac Asimov took him to different worlds to meet strange and not so strange beings. There was no limit to his imagination. He was astonished to see no emotions on the faces of his parents. How could they remain so calm?
He wondered about their fate. Would they be taken to another world ? They were near now. To his relief and also to his disappointment he saw that it was a gigantic cactus. He thanked God that he had not told his parents his thoughts. They would have been amused. They had been telling him to get out of the world of science fiction. He promised himself that he would. The fear and the excitement had been a little too much or him.


( Photo Credit :  Joy Pixley)

December 30th 2018

Imagination ( Sunday Photo Fiction)