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The Old Man (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Sunday Photo fiction

He was feeling so tired. He longed for this life to end. He looked at the garbage bin. It was closed now. But later, much later, when most people had retired for the day, he would open it and find something to eat. He always got something. People were always throwing away good food. He wondered about those who could afford to waste food when there were so many dying of hunger. His life had not always been like this. He now realized that greed had led to his downfall. He had not been satisfied with what he had had. He wanted more and more wealth. He had borrowed. He had cheated others of their money, of their life-savings. In the end his wrongdoings had caught up with him. He had become bankrupt and jailed. That was years ago. He had come out but had never been able to do anything right. He was reduced to living off of garbage bins. In spite of all his troubles he knew he would go on. He never even thought of taking his life. He did not want to add that to his sins.


Photo credit : CE Ayr

The Old Man (Sunday Photo Fiction)