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Dreaming across the channel (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Sunday Photo fiction

She stood on the rocks and looked at the coastline in the distance. She could not believe that she had been able to swim all the way from there. But she had. She looked at her teammates and could see their love and satisfaction. She sat on the rocks and looked at the waves. As they hit the rocks thoughts of those dark days came to mind. She would never forget that night in the train. She had resisted those bullies and in their anger they had pushed her out of the running train. She did not remember how long she had lain on the tracks. When she regained consciousness the doctors told her they had had to ampute her right leg to save her life. In the days that followed her family had been her strength. She had always loved swimming and trekking. She promised herself that she would cross the channel. It had taken a long time. But she did not give up. Today she had realised her dream.  Her past had given her the strength to live in the present and dream many dreams for the future.

Photo credit : Fandango

photo credit fandango