Letter from Home-4 (#SOL 2019)

slice-of-life_individual                                                                            21-01-19
Dear Doddamma,
Hope you have received amma and my letter. Amma enjoyed writing to you. While she was here she started writing a daily diary. She told me it would be easier for her to write you every week. We had been to a small place called Kalladka, about two hours away from here. The 11th and 12th day rituals of my sister-in-law’s father was performed in the hall adjacent to the temple of Shri UmaShiva. Amma stayed behind, she will stay with her eldest younger brother till the 24th. She and my sister-in-law will leave for Hyderabad on the 25th. We returned home in the evening.

On the 19th we went to Maikuri to see my father-in-law. He is fine and was happy to see us. Amma came with us.

20190119_115717We left at 3 and were back home by 6 in the evening. We always try to return home before it is dark. We find it a little difficult to drive after dark. Doddamma, I had written to you about our Book club. We meet once a month and enjoy talking about books. This time we all wrote short stories based on certain photos. I had shared four photos. We all read out our stories and had a great time. One of the photos was this one.

Last week I went to Asare, home for the mentally challenged after more than a month. There is a new boy. He has Downs syndrome and autism too. He cannot speak. He has lived outside India till now, his father passed away recently and his mother is finding it difficult to look after him. My friend’s daughter is a very good swimmer. She has Downs syndrome. She has been selected to take part in the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi in March 2nd week. Twenty three people have been selected from our state for the special Olympics. Before leaving for Dubai they will be in Delhi for ten days for practicing. Her parents are very happy. They are to Abu Dhabi.

Last week I made mango pickles. Amma’s walking friend had given the recipe. But it has become a little too salty. Tomorrow we will get some raw mangoes and I will add it to the pickles. Hopefully it will become ok. Mango trees are in bloom everywhere. There is one mango tree in our backyard. It was planted long ago by father of the person from whom we bought our land. There are flowers in it for the first time after we came here. We do not know what mango it is. Hopefully we will get to know this time.

sibm (3)

It is now 8 o’clock in the night. Aravind’s German classes started today. Classes are from 6 to 8. He will be returning home soon.
With lots of love,
(My letters to my Doddamma, my father’s elder brother’s wife, have made letter writing a part of my life again. Both of us enjoy the letters. Doddamma literally means elder mother. She is my favourite relative. She is 88. She cannot go out and is not able to hear well. So, I started writing to her in November 2017. Earlier I used to send a mail to her daughter-in-law, she used to read it to her. My cousin’s wife told me Doddamma enjoys the feel of letters and re-reads them often. I edit the letters and post them in Slice of Life hosted by Two Teachers. I enjoy SOL. We, bloggers live in different parts of the world. Our lives are so different but there is sameness which is fascinating. The different posts and photos bring the world to my home. Thank you dear friends. 😊 )

Letter from Home-4 (#SOL 2019)