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The Donkey (Sunday Photo fiction)

Sunday Photo fiction

The little girl loved to listen to stories her mother read out to her. The stories came alive. That morning she had listened to the tale of the donkey and the washer-man. He had covered the donkey with a tiger’s skin and tried to fool the villagers. His stupidity had got the donkey killed by them.
That evening she and her mother were at an exhibition. There were some beautiful drawings. She walked past the picture of a donkey. The sad look in its eyes stopped her. She remembered the donkey in the story. She halted and gazed at the picture. It seemed to her as if the donkey was trying to express the unfairness of it all. Humans think that donkeys are stupid, that they should be made to work hard and that they are capable of nothing else. In fact, the reality is that so many humans are stupid. They act before thinking and blame others for their shortcomings. The little girl promised herself to never make that mistake.

She said a quiet sorry to the donkey in the picture.

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Photo credit : Susan Spaulding

The Donkey (Sunday Photo fiction)