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Safe and Sound (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Sunday Photo fiction

The two bulbuls were frantically searching for the perfect place to build their nest. They had tried to build one inside a human dwelling.  They believed it to be safe. But to their disgust they were shown the way out. All their hard work had come to nothing. They remembered those days when they had built a nest inside the thick fronds of a betel nut tree and had believed it to be safe. But the peasant crow had discovered their eggs and had not rested till it had eaten them. They had tried to prevent him but in vain.

This time they had searched everywhere for a good place and there was not much time. Now, in this beautiful garden with trees and plants they saw the thick creeper twisting its way from one end to the other. The foliage was thick and there was light too.  The perfect place. The next days were very busy getting twigs and leaves from near and far. They dared not rest. The nest was ready and eggs laid. The days passed and one fine morning they were happy to greet their babies. They felt safe and secure in this beautiful place.


Photo credit: Joy Pixley

Safe and Sound (Sunday Photo Fiction)